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Traditional cheese-making reinvented

Our cheeses

„Casimir the Gray”

Matured cheese, hand-cured with a growth of noble mold - one of our gems. It is created thanks to the joint efforts of spotted milk producers , the cheesemaker, the dairy cultures, supported by the noble mold of the Mycodore species, and, above all, patient daily care through rubbing, cleaning and turning them. Eight weeks in the ripening room yields a delightful result - a cheese that is not too hard, with a buttery and mushroomy aroma, not too tangy but still with character. With contrasting sweet jams of red bell pepper or figs, it enhances its nature.

Dutch type matured cheese

Our reinterpretation - seemingly like Gouda and yet different. Slightly sweet and nutty, it owes its flavor and aroma to the addition of dairy cultures from the mountainous and traditionally cheesemaking regions of Europe. Ripened under controlled temperature and humidity conditions for a minimum of 3 months, it blends the flavor notes and allows the natural aromas to be enjoyed. The cheese is still not too hard but already with character. Further storage only enhances it. For special occasions – we ripen it with a natural, edible rind.

Traditional, short ripened homely cheese.

Suitable for any occasion. A type of cheese made in many parts of the world due to its simple production process. In Poland, it has been produced for a long time especially in the northeast, its most traditional variant, earned a protected geographical indication there. Following the traditional way of manufacturing, after several years of trials, we created our variant, a favorite snack of family and social gatherings. We offer it without additives or with spices (fenugreek, garlic, nigella, cumin) or smoked with cold birch smoke, which gives a golden color and a subtle, doubly traditional flavor.

Homemade, acid coagulated cottage cheese

Again, nothing is rushed, the milk is curdled over 20 hours with selected strains of dairy cultures, gently heated to form a moderately acidic curd without rennet, and gently drained only under its own weight, preserving the moisture that fills the mouth with each bite. A morning table classic, invariably popular. It is for its production that we use most of the milk supplied to dairies in Poland. Also in flavored versions with additives.

All cheeses made from non-standardised cow’s milk (differences in fat and protein content depending on season, type of feed or even milking time) from a one and same herd. Milk pasteurized using a barely used low-temperature long time process to maintain natural properties. Cheeses produced using the latest generation of microbial rennet, which does not alter the taste of the cheese even during long (several months) ripening processes. A 100% vegetarian product, without the addition of artificial preservatives or colourings. Plant and processes concept allow us to produce in the traditional way nearly any dairy product, from natural thick yoghurt, without thickeners, milk powder or protein additives, through Mediterranean-style brined cheese, reheated cheese, short-ripened white mould cheese, ricotta cheese to ripened cheese with different degrees of maturation and others, depending on consumer expectations and suggestions.

Proud to be a member of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers